NUHS Announces Partnership with St. Petersburg College to Offer DC Degree in Florida

LOMBARD - Drs. Carl Kuttler, President of St. Petersburg College (SPC) of Pinellas County, Florida, and James Winterstein, President of National University of Health Sciences (NUHS) in Lombard, Illinois, signed a partnership agreement. Quality is the standard that unites SPC and NUHS in the recently signed partnership. True to its heritage, NUHS will not place emphasis upon numbers at its SPC program but on educational quality -- smaller classes and stronger educational outcomes. NUHS offers a number of complementary and integrative health sciences, and it is possible that several programs could be offered at the SPC site in the future. Initially, through the partnership agreement, National University of Health Sciences plans to offer a first professional doctoral degree in chiropractic medicine at one of the SPC campuses. NUHS is currently in the process of obtaining the necessary approvals from the Florida Department of Education Commission for Independent Education, and the accrediting agencies that accredit NUHS and its chiropractic degree program. St. Petersburg College, is known nationwide as a progressive and innovative institution which has developed partnerships with 16 other colleges and universities that offer various degree programs on one or more of SPC's 11 campuses to more than 61,000 students. National University of Health Sciences, which was founded in 1906 has a long and well recognized tradition of high quality educational programs with strong admission criteria. Students entering the DC program at the NUHS/SPC campus will be required to have a baccalaureate for matriculation just as students have been required to have at the NUHS Lombard campus since 1999. Appropriate administrative personnel will be stationed at SPC to assure that all necessary processes required for educational standards will be met in a timely manner. SPC/NUHS anticipates potentially admitting the first class in September of 2009. The program at SPC will be the same curriculum offered at the main campus in Lombard, Illinois and will be a part of the NUHS system but offered in partnership with SPC.

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