Northwestern Health Sciences University Enhances Learning Options with Mediasite Technology

BLOOMINGTON, Minn. –Northwestern Health Sciences University has invested in new technology to expand educational resources for students and professors. Mediasite is a presentation capture system that provides an easy, reliable way to record presentations or class lectures. The presentations then get archived and can be viewed by students on demand via computer or iPod. Northwestern is using this technology to improve educational resources for students. Students will be able to attend class and listen to the lecture, simply letting the information soak in – the lecture will be available for online viewing; rewinding, fast-forwarding and pausing. Powerpoint slides and videos from lecture will also be available. Northwestern is committed to keeping up to date on student learning styles. According to Charles Sawyer, DC, senior vice president and provost, “Students today need to be taught differently than students 20 years ago. We need to keep up with them. One way to go about that is by providing them with an online resource for learning.” “I find Mediasite very useful,” explains Jamie Cortese, a T6 chiropractic student. “I use it to access the lectures and make sure that I got all the information; let’s be honest, there are times when your mind wanders and you miss a part of a lecture. With Mediasite I am able to hold myself more accountable. I also like to use it to review lectures before tests. It’s nice to know that our teachers really want us to succeed and are willing to do everything they can to help us.” Northwestern intends to use Mediasite for multiple purposes including continuing education, admissions, development, clinic tutorials and fundraising. What is the technology behind Mediasite? A mini-DV camera is hooked up to the Mediasite capture card device which is connected to a computer or laptop in the classroom. Another capture card is set up to capture the PowerPoint slides. The information is coded, and within minutes of the lecture being completed, the lecture is ready to deploy to Windows Media Player. Macintosh computers need some additional set up installations for the lectures to run, but PCs do not. “Mediasite has several benefits, and I think the benefits outweigh the disadvantages,” says Anita Manne, BS, DC, DACBR, a professor in Northwestern College of Chiropractic. “It gives students an alternative way to learn; gives them added flexibility; it is a great review tool; and helps students to make up classes that they were unable to attend.” Mediasite is an exciting technology that gives students the opportunity to learn anytime, anywhere. With student lives as busy as they are today, Northwestern has found a way to keep up with their students, and to create a learning environment that is technologically on par with their students. According to Dr. Sawyer, “Mediasite will enrich the educational experience our students receive.” Northwestern Health Sciences University offers a wide array of choices in natural health care education including chiropractic, Oriental medicine, acupuncture, therapeutic massage and human biology. The University has nearly 900 students on a 25-acre campus in Bloomington, Minnesota.


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