Doctors of Chiropractic Offer Tips to Reduce Risk of Back Pain

October is Spinal Health Month, which offers an outstanding opportunity to speak with your local chiropractor about the natural ways you can improve your spinal health and enhance your overall well being. The American Chiropractic Association (ACA) is offering a free patient information page on its Web site, "Tips For a Healthy Spine," that provides simple posture, lifting, and healthy lifestyle guidelines to ward off unnecessary back pain. Visit "The goal of a doctor of chiropractic is to offer the highest-quality, professional health care, while teaching patients how to maintain their physical well being and a healthful lifestyle," says ACA President Dr. Richard Brassard. "Spinal Health Month is the perfect time to take control of your health by discovering this natural approach to wellness." With a thorough knowledge of the structure and functioning of the human body, doctors of chiropractic make diagnoses and take steps to correct problems using manual therapies, such as spinal adjustments; dietary and lifestyle advice; and other such natural tools to care for their patients. In fact, medical doctors, realizing the important role doctors of chiropractic can play in relieving pain and restoring health, are referring more of their own patients to doctors of chiropractic than ever before. This integrative health care approach is allowing professionals of different specialties to work together to improve patients' health. Over 30 million Americans sought chiropractic care last year alone, and recent studies show that patient satisfaction is extremely high for those who seek care from a doctor of chiropractic. Surveys have also indicated that chiropractic patients are willing to recommend chiropractic treatment to friends, family and colleagues. Dr. Brassard notes that the key to spinal health is prevention; listen to your body's warning signals and adjust your lifestyle. The ACA recommends the following tips to help prevent back injuries. * Don't lift by bending over. Instead, bend your hips and knees and then squat to pick up an object. * Don't twist your body while lifting. * Push, rather than pull, when you must move heavy objects. * If you must sit for long periods, take frequent breaks and stretch. * Wear flat shoes or shoes with low heels. * Exercise regularly. An inactive lifestyle contributes to lower-back pain. According to Dr. Brassard, "It is essential that we keep ourselves in good physical condition, and spinal health is a key aspect of overall well being. You can achieve optimum health with the help of your doctor of chiropractic."


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