Quality Payment Program Year 2

CMS has issued the final rule and comment period for the 2018 (year 2) Quality Payment Program.

The most significant change affecting chiropractors in NY is that the program will exclude individual MIPS eligible clinicians or groups with less than or equal to $90,000 in Part B allowed charges; or less than or equal to 200 Part B beneficiaries.

It will also allow solo practitioners and small practices to form or joint a Virtual Group to participate with other practices. It will add 5 bonus points to the final scores of small practices and continue to award small practices 3 points for measures in the Quality performance category that don’t meet data completeness requirements and will add a new hardship exception for the Advancing Care Information performance category for small practices.

Even if you do not quality to participate in MIPS/MACRA, and most chiropractors will not, you should continue to report quality measures for pain and functional outcomes assessments on your Medicare patients


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